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Licensed, Bonded, Insured


  • License #556191
  • General Engineering A License
  • General Building B License
  • C32 Specialty License Parking
    and Highway Improvement
  • C39 Roofing/Waterproofing/Weatherproofing
  • C61/D06 Concrete Related Services
  • C61/D12 Specialty License
    Synthetic Materials

We offer comprehensive building inspections and surveys to determine the nature and extent of problem areas, with an emphasis on prevention. We often find that much larger and costlier repairs can be avoided if the proper steps are taken early.

We provide preventative maintenance programs to avoid costly future repairs, to retain the building’s beauty and safety, and upgrades to hold back the elements and preserve your building’s value.

We invite you to call on us for any of the following assignments:

  • Recaulking and repair of high rise buildings
  • Specialized sealants for storage tanks, canals, ponds, and reservoirs
  • Sealing of interior and exterior pedestrian and vehicular decks
  • Wet-sealing of window walls
  • Custom solutions for the remediation of multi-story building envelope inadequacies
  • Moisture intrusion troubleshooting
  • Shopping center and industrial floors: special solutions to withstand high-heel, forklift, caster and heavy foot traffic.